Missouri Medical Cannabis

In November of 2018, the voters of Missouri, approved Amendment 2, which gives Missouri residents who have certain medical conditions, the ability to purchase, utilize and grow medical cannabis.  Many thanks to the voters, the patients, the medical refugees and the countless volunteers that helped make it a reality.  This historic time in our great State's tenure will allow for a new level of care to be provided to all.  A new opportunity to grow and prosper for Missouri farms and business'.  A new weapon against the scourges of opioid addiction, diabetes, & cancer.  We are excited to share this moment with you, as we stand on the threshold of a new dawn and even brighter future for the Show Me state.  


The amendment was written very specifically as to provide the State certain timelines that it had to implement policy, procedure & protocol.  A daunting task no doubt, but we applaud those who are assigned this task and thank them for their efforts.   We have listed below details of the major points. 

June 4th

All Application Forms and Instruction Forms, Posted Based On Finalized Rules

July 5th

Begin Accepting Patient/Caregivers Applications ID Applications